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Here is an interesting comparison of Twitter and blogs:

Blogging was a direct attack on MSM hegemony at both the micro (fisking) and macro levels (explanation space). I just don’t see Twitter as the same threat. It is a flood of unmermorable chatter that is easy to ignore. Blogging had the potential to break the power of the MSM guild. Bloggers, at their best, presented arguments. Arguments can both change minds on the immediate subject and undermine the credibilty of those establishment pundits who present weak cases on a regular basis.

I think that’s largely apt, but there’s more to it.  Both blog posts and tweets tend to be short, but tweets are too short to convey any real content or argument.  It’s the difference between e-mails and text (sms) messages.  There’s no inherent cap on e-mail length, but e-mails are kept short.  Text messages are capped at 160 characters.  With Twitter, there is no way to convey a complex idea in only 140 characters.

Blogs-and the web generally-permit authors to reach a much wider audience than they could otherwise–essentially disintermediating the gatekeepers of old.  Twitter is too short and is a closed system, so it cannot achieve the disruptiveness of blogs.


Announcing Rob

I’m proud to announce that this blog is now hosted at instead of  .net.  The .net links will still work, so there is no need to update your bookmarks.

There was a brief problem with the name servers, but I transferred the domain to my regular registrar, [affiliate link], so there should be no further problems.

Additionally, there’s a new FeedBurner feed, which you can use to easily add this blog to RSS readers, such as Google Reader:  Subscribe

Add to Google Reader or Homepage

The older RSS feeds should also still work.  If there are any issues, please let me know.

Thanks and enjoy!

What Should I Name This Blog?

Right now my blog has the super-creative title of “Rob Greenberg.”  While this is obviously effective in communicating to whom the blog belongs, it lacks a certain panache.

So what names work better?  Should I keep the simple, tried-and-true name of my name?

I’ve come up with some names, but they tend to be either mediocre, taken, or both.  Suggest your own or a variation of mine.  I figure that some combination of my interests in law and technology might be useful.

Here’s some I came up with

  • Technically Legal (taken)
  • Technically a Lawyer
  • The Greenberg Guard
  • Legally Nerdy
  • Fat, Drunk, and Stupid (there has to be one already called this, right?  Oh, and it’s an Animal House reference)

Yeah, I’m not in love with any of these.  For now, “Rob Greenberg” is the winner.

Hello World!

Here is my real “Hello World!” post.

This is my first post and my official entry into the wild world of blogging.  Please put your comments below.  I eagerly await your thoughts.

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