Right now my blog has the super-creative title of “Rob Greenberg.”  While this is obviously effective in communicating to whom the blog belongs, it lacks a certain panache.

So what names work better?  Should I keep the simple, tried-and-true name of my name?

I’ve come up with some names, but they tend to be either mediocre, taken, or both.  Suggest your own or a variation of mine.  I figure that some combination of my interests in law and technology might be useful.

Here’s some I came up with

  • Technically Legal (taken)
  • Technically a Lawyer
  • The Greenberg Guard
  • Legally Nerdy
  • Fat, Drunk, and Stupid (there has to be one already called this, right?  Oh, and it’s an Animal House reference)

Yeah, I’m not in love with any of these.  For now, “Rob Greenberg” is the winner.