Glenn Fleishman over at Boing Boing writes “All Your Pics Are Belong to Us: at image hosting services, Terms and Conditions always apply

He spoke to “Carolyn E. Wright, who goes by the moniker Photo Attorney,” and she recommends Mobypicture for their terms.

Fleishman quotes key portions of the copyright terms of several photo sharing service.  One service missing is WordPress, which allows users to upload media directly.  For example, the photo of my dog that I have posted here is hosted on WordPress’s servers.

Here are WordPress’s terms of service:

By submitting Content to Automattic for inclusion on your Website, you grant Automattic a world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the Content solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your blog. If you delete Content, Automattic will use reasonable efforts to remove it from the Website, but you acknowledge that caching or references to the Content may not be made immediately unavailable.

Seems fairly standard.  It doesn’t include the Mobypicture language, however, which is:

Content Ownership
All rights of uploaded content by our users remain the property of our users and those rights can in no means be sold or used in a commercial way by Mobypicture or affiliated third party partners without consent from the user.

Mobypicture explains further, here.

It’s important to know who owns your content when you produce it.  With terms of service frequently changing, protecting your intellectual property rights is becoming a full time job.